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In Your Industry in Switzerland.
Everyone heard about the good old "boys club".  In 2019, it is not so much about the "boys club" than it is about club in general.  You want to do business with people you know, respect and admire.  Brands understand the power of groups and communities.  They know it is key to gain customer trust.  You may have a great product or service, a brand new website, a business degree, a big marketing budget BUT if you don't have connections, you probably will not be able to sustain yourself especially in a competitive market like Switzerland where human trust is key.  Over my last couple of years in business in Geneva, I heard similar requests from entrepreneurs and business owners: 

- Do you know anyone in my industry? 
- Could you refer me to a good Accountant?
- Can you help me with my business partner/ staff issue?
- Do you know a reliable freelance who can do my website?
- Which events would be worth attending for my business?

Does this sound like you? If this is the case, you will now join a mastermind of like-minded Ambitious Preneurs who want to grow a business together in Switzerland.

I am inviting you to join an exclusive service where I will personally help you find the serious contacts you need to take your business to new heights.  Because I want you to achieve your goals, I can only support a limited amount of entrepreneurs who already have a business set-up during the rolling year.  I will share more details during the interview. 

*** If you think this club sounds great, you can click below to book a session with me and decide whether this is the right service for you. ***

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