How To Grow Your Career And Build A Solid Network 
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  • How to become a recruiter magnet
  • How to cut  job search time down by 60%
  • How to land a job with top organizations in Switzerland (Nestlé, UBS, Not-For-Profits..)
  • How to build a solid network in Switzerland
  • SPECIAL GIFT: Listing of all placement / headhunter agencies (9 pages) in Switzerland (sent to your inbox)
Isabelle Litzler
Swiss Careers Expert
About The Speaker:
In this training, Isabelle shows how she went from an unemployed expat manager after a brutal layoff to entering the world of HR experts in Switzerland, developing a huge network and becoming the entrepreneur she always wanted to be.

Dozens of Isabelle's clients built a new career, found their purpose and are now happy expats in Switzerland. The best part, most had no existing experience when they started!

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